Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

The New Yorker | FACTORY Where great ideas begin…Welcome to our seperable conference room with the size of 250 sqm: The New Yorker | FACTORY. Get inspired and hold meetings on a very high standard. with parquet floor, stylish velvet curtains, designer stools made from Knoll Inc. and new media equipment. The amply window panes and the high ceilings give you plenty of room for your ideas. The New Yorker | CLUB Architectual sophistication: Various capacious and small rooms on different levels offering interesting perspectives, seperated but entirely open at the same time. The CLUB leaves nothing to be desired. A perfect location for parties, exhibitions or presentations. Welcome to the CLUB! The New Yorker | LOFT Impressive eventlocation with a conservatory, fireplace, professional kitchen and a table for 24 people. The 250 sqm provide plenty of room for cookery courses, live-cookings, private festivities and exclusive meetings in a personal atmosphere. We regularly offer public cookery courses with the chef of Queen Mary II Klaus Kremer for instance aswell. The New Yorker | UNIQUE GALLERY Presentation and treat - in the UNIQUE GALLERY you can combine both. Hold receptions or host presentations and advert your products by the use of the numerous windows. Or delight your guests with a personal cooking event tailored to your individual convenience. The New Yorker | KITCHEN Are you searching for the perfect location for a small event with access to a garden? Our KITCHEN with 100 sqm parquet floor, lots of windows and its stylish color- and light design will convince you. We gladly arrange barbecues, summer festivals or your very unique wedding for you. Recline and enjoy your own festivity!


Situated in an upcoming and trendy quarter. The New Yorker sits in a quieter part of the city. Peaceful and minimalist. the reception leads to a relaxation lounge with trendy magazines to read. Rooms are very well appointed. modern and have personally been designed with some original features which make this hotel a great choice.

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Factory 3+48002540070
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