Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

WE DON'T DO MEETINGS, WE DO GATHERINGS. Business or social, add a dash of chill – nobody blends it like we do. FACTS: 2 meeting rooms P1 with 68m² /P2 with 35m²) , extendable to XL meeting room 103m² 3 Meeting Suites a 25m² Galerie @ pentalounge with Foyer 45m² for small meetings with special ambience daylight in every meeting room FREE break out areas @ pentalounge FREE high speed wifi get direction by public transport: U Bahn U4 Pilgramgasse 13 parking slots 19€ p/day technical equipment: projector or flatscreen TV, canvas, moderation case, 1 Flipchart, 1 Pinnboard & 1 Bluetooth Loudspeaker are Standard Features. If you need anything else, we are able to offer upon request.


WE’RE PUTTING THE HOT IN HOTEL Hey goodlookin’, check out our central Vienna hotel. It’s full of pentaflava and none of the formality of other hotels. So, check in, strut your stuff around charming Vienna, then put your feet up in our pentalounge. Beautiful. WALK WITH US Take 360° virtual tour to experience our pentalounge as if you were there: Penta loves MEETINGS, EVENTS & YOU :)

Name m2
Meeting Suite 5033081215018
Meeting Suite 1192581215018
Meeting Suite 2192581215018
Galerie @ pentalounge451212000