Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Anyone who organizes a conference, seminar or workshop here will know that there are numerous details to watch out for. In addition to representative rooms, which receive your guests, members, employees, customers or clients duly, there are many other points that contribute to a successful event. Let us do the work around an adequate conference room so you can focus on the content of your event.


New working worlds in a personal network open up many possibilities for you. We even support you in your work with our network. Workplaces, conference rooms, coworking spaces and also virtual offices can be rented from us. We started from the idea of ​​creating a network of entrepreneurs. This creates opportunities for collaboration and you can implement your ideas more productively. We also like to speak of a professional home where you can set up individually. Become part of our community and arrange a viewing. You can find us at the location K-1 BusinessClub Hauptwache or Ostend!

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