Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

There a two different meetingrooms. The one is about 100m² with windows and a door outside.The other about 45m². in the first floor, with three windows to the south side. W-Lan is free of charge. You will get coffee, tee, water and juice without limit the hole meeting. The coffeebreak is with Brezen, fruit, joghurt, cereal bar, nuts In the afternoon with homemade cake. For lunch and for dinner is a 3course menue with two choice. We want fulfill your wishes.


Our Biohotel can look back on more than a century of tradition. For a long time already we try to live in harmony with the people and the nature around. We are trying to keep the agricultural structures of our environment and home. Using fresh products/goods of organic cultivation and processing them in a traditional way is a very close issue to us. Situation, form and material of the Biohotel are expected to be environmentaly friendly. Hohenbercha with around 200 inhabitants is located on the brink of the Ampervalley in the northeast of munich. Farming is the basic element of our region. The Hörger tavern has been there already for many generations. The oldes part, which does still exist was build in 1839. In the following years the ownership was passed on many times, till in 1888 Andreas Hörger married the doughter of the publican and this was the first step into a 125 years long tradition. Since 1998 Andreas Hörger with his wife Martina Hörger run the tavern in a very innovative and customer oriented way. After a long time of reflecting they decided to extend and in August 2006 the new part of the hotel was finished. At the moment there are no other plans to expand. The new hotel is bulit next to the orchard. Most of the trees there originate from Korbinian Aigner, a former priest and close friend of the family. Since his early years he was devoted to cultivating fruits and he also painted around 1000 pictures. A fitting picture of his work decorates every room of our Biohotel. Our guestroomoffer expanded from formerly 4 room in the oldbuilding to 25 rooms altogehter. The new long building reflects the urban structure and the material of local barns. There is no structural connection between both buildings, so you need to paas the orchard to reach the breakfast. On this way you can expirience the orchard changing its colours over the seasons, feeling the countryair, wind and weather. Every room refers to the orchard and it is possible to combine two rooms for families. Even one room is suitable for wheelchairs. We fullfill a high standard but at the same time every room offers a little bit more. If you enter the room you can look directly into the orchard. The entrance area is the bath as well and you can close the shower, lavatory, wardrobe or washstand as desired. Every room is furnished with bath towels, shower, lavatory, hairdrier, phone and TV. Its also possilbe to have a web connection, by asking for a network cable on the reception. All rooms are nonsmoker rooms. Our tavern is the right place to celebrate festivities and ceremonies. Our classy furnished accommodations are certainly the perfect location for your occasion. We can serve meals for up to 220 guests in our ballroom. Our skilled team is willingly ready to to assist you with planing your festive day. Our facilities are fresh country air and the wild nature around ;) The recreation here happens through a culinary experience with every sense at the table of our restaurant. In our kitchen we use exclusive organic produced stuffs. We guarantee our guest a purely organic origin and handling of our goods. This is checked 4 times a year by an independent institution. All goods originate from ecological agriculture. A species-appropriated keeping of animals is obligatory. We use only nature-spices, herbs and southgerman sodium chloride. Strictly forbidden are synthetic flavor enhancer (glutamate ) and all imitation and nature identical flavourings.

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