Welcome to the City Hotel Antik, perhaps the best kept secret in Aalen. In our 48 rooms, history meets modern luxury, designed to offer pure comfort and relaxation during your stay. As the name implies, City Hotel Antik is located practically in central Aalen. Along with its charm, our hotel staff will strive to make your stay a most memorable experience. While starting your day with our abundant breakfast buffet, you will discover the attention to detailed care taken by our staff. Enjoy dining in our City Hotel Antik Restaurant where you will be served a selection of dishes from our mediterranean kitchen, or relax at our cozy hotel bar/lounge. The inner-city pedestrian area, the main train station and bus station can be reached within a few minutes from the Aalen perimeter. UNESCO declared the Upper German-Raetian Limes, along with the Hadrian Wall, a world heritage site in 2005. The Limes Museum, the largest Roman museum in Germany, offers an extensive exhibition of military and civilian life along the Limes. Or visit the various well-kept archeological sites, which extend from the Rhein over the Lahn and Main to the Danube River. In Aalen, the identification with the Romans is solid, and the past winds its way throught the town like a red thread. The famous Limes thermal baths offer an opportunity to submerge and relax as the Romans did, in antique Roman ambiance.

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