Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Our House offers you 8 equal furnshied Meeting rooms for your Conference but with a diffrent size. all rooms are dir-Conditioned and appanted with artifical and daylight. In all rooms you will be given high quadity furniture and the latest Technology for your conference. Furthermore were pleased to hell you we´ve got a 180 qm outdoor- conferece garden with a Little cabin in case of rain.


Best Western Plus is a located central between the cities Ulm, Stuttgart and Nürnberg. The Hotel Area that was built on the farmery Roman boundary wall, the Limes, is most attractive because of ist calm Location. Nevertheless you can save time and stress because ist good conection to the Transport Network. You will only Need 7 minutes to the next Highway A7 and only 3 Minutes to B29 only 6 Km from the Centre of the City Aalen, is the Best Western Plus Hotel a good place to calm down, relax and pamper on historiad Background.

Name m2
Welland 955030508080
Bergholz 643025254025
Post 321812162525
Wintergarten 91.460253010060
Welland/Bergholz 1396050120100120
Limes 722528404050
Römer 712026405040

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