Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

You can choose between 7 different meeting rooms with capacity for up to 100 people. The suites Academy and MacLaren have vaulted ceilings, wooden beams and chandeliers, and are a popular choice for meetings. As the hotel is a listed building, have the Latin, Geography and History Rooms receive their original appearance.


Have your own epic break,Stirling Highland Hotel is, by far, the most prestigious hotel in the city. It used to be the high school. You’ll be tucked up in the most luxurious en suite double dormitory you’ve ever seen, with the best school dinner you’ve ever tasted. On the gateway to the enchanting Scottish Highlands, you’ve chosen a great base from which to explore the area!

Name m2
Academy Room103.3505070100100
Art Room17.31000015
English Room43.61816202430
Geography Room35.31614141830
History Room35.31614141830
Latin Room52.42020253260
Mac Laren Room121606080100100

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