Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Speicher7 Hotel is the ideal place for meetings and conferences in an extraordinary atmosphere characterized by the River Rhine, the harbor and the individuality of the building. Our Flow meeting room offers space for up to 50 persons depending on the seating arrangement. For individual conferences and smaller meetings you may consider our Silolounge (up to 15 persons) or Hafenlounge (up to 5 persons). All rooms are equipped with modern technology like beamer, screen, monitor, flip-chart, pin-board and presentation kit based on your needs. Free WIFI is available for all participants. During meetings we serve water, juices, coffee and tea. In addition, we offer french patisserie and fresh fruit during breaks. Warm food can be offered on request.


Speicher7. Harbour Hotel & Bar. The noticeable warehouse building in the port area of Mannheim is an architectural monument from the 1950s, located directly on the bank of the River Rhine, close to the city centre, so it is possible to walk to many cultural institutions, to the University inside the Palace as well as the business centre of the metropolis of the Rhine-Neckar region. Life. Love. Laughter. The hotel has 20 rooms and lounges, a bar in the foyer and a terrace facing the Rhine. Like-minded people meet at the bar, it is a space of encounters where time passes slowly. The terrace by the river becomes a very special sun deck during summer, where you can rediscover the water, the Rhine and the harbour. The appeal of the rooms and lounges is created by generosity, urban flair and a casual sense of well-being. In every room, there are prominent style elements of the building that are shining in new splendour again. Some rooms can also be used as conference and meeting rooms. During renovations, the preservation of the original style elements of the building was fundamental in order to bring out the authentic charm of the harbour warehouse. The interior design was a real adventure, while random expertise has influenced the impromptu design of the Speicher7 Hotel. A mixture of vintage and classic pieces that reflect the spirit of optimism during the 1950s and 1960s and the new joie de vivre. The film of tomorrow will be an act of love. The great soul of the Speicher7 is the yoga and meditation room with a directly connected sauna area, the ideal refuge to stay in the flow. The harbour greeting. Speicher7. Harbour Hotel & Bar Mannheim. A new centre. For the city of squares. By the river. Delighted to have you.

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Tagungsraum Flow6000000
Tagungsraum Loft24000000
Tagungsraum Kimm7200000