Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

The floor 4 and 5 have a large fully air-conditioned seminar room, which can be divided with a partition in 2 rooms. (2/3 and 1/3). A Beamer and screen are permanently installed and can be rented. Seperate hygienic areas on each floor allow short distances. On a total area of 140m² on each floor, up to 140 people can be accommodated for conferences or exhibitions. Due to the possible room seperation also workshops or lectures in smaller groups can be realized.


Since the end of EXPO 2000, Hanover and in particular the EXPO PARK, has had extraordinary facilities for all kinds of events. This also applies to the premises in the tower of BMW's Hanover branch office, which moved into the former French pavilion with one of the two branches of the state capital city and filled it with life. The impressively high building with its various rooms can be converted into an outstanding event location, which is a very special platform for events of all kinds.

Name m2
Sky Bar125000600
Ebene 41400010566140
Ebene 514000504090

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