LEAN LUXURY IS OUR PHILOSOPHY, SLIM LUXURY. Luxury means uncomplicated comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of beautiful facades. Soul and character instead of glossy surfaces. No expensive prestige addresses, but rather where the real heart of the city beats. We love our neighborhood and do a lot for the creative scene here. For the environment anyway, and that consistently. Only then does it feel right and good for us. Dear corners and edges as smooth, rather casual than aufgestyled, rather laugh loud than quietly blaspheme. Slim means for us, not having to pay anything you do not need or want. Just omit the unimportant, quite consistently. We do not need an imposing elevator lobby, no waiting room lady and no huge desk. What is important is completely different: In our opinion, the perfect workplace offers more places to work than just a desk. He feels like a second home, not an office. And we think the ideal place to work is one that is about more than just work. It is a place that connects us with like-minded people. And because we also have architects and software engineers in our team, everything behind the scenes is leaner: We organize ourselves quite differently than conventional office centers. We consistently use IT to simplify processes. Much can be done from our boutique hotels on site from one source and thus cheaper. And we plan and build more skillfully to make more of our space. This will save us and you a lot of money. Feels good.