Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Based on its history, it has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation since 1999: the Wartburg in Eisenach. As a part of this special construction, today the over 100-year-old Romantik Hotel at the Wartburg welcomes its guests with cordiality and in a modern-authentic ambience. From a festive menu to a high-ranking official reception; from a warm and lazy summer evening to a wedding reception – there really isn’t very much that the Romantik Hotel at the Wartburg cannot offer. It offers the ideal requirements in order to work effectively as well as to be successful and creative. For those looking to get married, it is certainly interesting to know that the Eisenach civil registry office has a branch office at the hotel. Considering the formidable towers and well-fortified walls it is a good omen to exchange vows here. The most beautiful day of your life will become an unforgettable experience if you tie the knot in one of the most romantic civil registry offices in the world!


Constructed between 1913-1914, a hotel was opened at the base of the Wartburg on 1 April 1914. Since that time, the “Gasthof für fröhliche Leut” has accommodated countless guests. Today, the Romantik Hotel at the Wartburg is once again a place of comfort, peace and cheerfulness. Thirty-seven individually designed rooms, the multi award-winning “Landgrafenstube” or the vitality area “Jungbrunnen” will captivate you and never let go. Allow our young and dedicated staff to pamper you so that you can enjoy your short holiday in Thuringia. In Thuringia, you can also enjoy a holiday with your child with a sense of security and exclusivity. Or say “yes” to your future husband or wife by reciting your wedding vows at the Wartburg.

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