Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Anniversary celebrations, specialist lectures or company presentations - the 624 sq. ft. (58 m2) air-conditioned "Severinus II" meeting room provides space to be creative and accommodates up to 35 people. Modern technology, Wi-Fi access and natural light


Stylish elegance within easy walking distance of Cologne Cathedral, the Rhine and the historic old town: You're sure to have time for a spot of sightseeing before or after your meetings. The Pullman Hotel has 265 Superior and Deluxe Rooms as well as 10 Suites.

Name m2
Ballroom A28411150170230300
Ballroom A+b42690270340430
Ballroom A+b+c568340440560
Ballroom B14255407075140
Ballroom B+c2848080140200260
Ballroom B+c+d520240350440
Ballroom C14255407075140
Ballroom C+d380170250310
Ballroom D236924080170150
Dom 12216881210
Dom 1+2451815183030
Dom 22316881210
Jan Von Werth 1522020204035
Jan Von Werth 1+21114540608080
Jan Von Werth 2592325304040
Magnus 1301212121620
Magnus 2301212121620
Severinus 1461815153025
Severinus 1+210535304570
Severinus 2582318204030