Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Two wide rooms, one with 120 m² and the other with 105 m², having the following capacity: 80 people as an audience, 50 as School, 70 for Banquet, 30 in a U configuration. These two rooms together have approximately 225m2 with natural light during the entire day, making it possible to organize a banquet for 140 people and a cocktail for 200 people. Two rooms that have 45 m² each with capacity for 30 people as an audience, 20 as a school,15 in a U scheme, 25 in banquets and 35 for cocktail, with natural light all day long. Equipment available: TV, Cd’s/ DVD, Screen, Flip-chart, Wireless Internet and phones. The Pousada offers paper, pens and water. Any other equipment needed can be available with previous request.


Pousada de Sagres, Infante, is located in the fishing village of Sagres, Algarve. This hotel has a superb position on the cliff-top overlooking Sagres fort and the lighthouse of Cape St Vicent, the most south westerly corner of Europe. This village has an important historical and maritime significance, from where, 500 years ago, Prince D. Henrique's caravels left to look for new countries. The discovery of the cultural authenticity of the area and the possibility of walking on desert beaches, allow you to forget about the real world. From the fishing village comes the excellent fish and seafood that can be quietly savoured at the Pousada de Sagres hotel, a contrast to the more usual cosmopolitan bustle of the Algarve coast.

Name m2
Restaurante 112070305010080
Restaurante 21057030409070
Restaurante 1+2225130001600
A Nau4530202030100
Bar Rosa dos Ventos120000700

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