Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

The hotel features 8 variable conference rooms with daylight illumination, including a ballroom for up to 320 people. All conference rooms include daylight illumination, air conditioning and the most modern presentation and communication technology. Weather permitting, guests can also enjoy the panorama roof-top terrace with a view of Alexanderplatz. The assistance of an experienced conference area team ensures the perfect scenario for every event.


Homeliness and creativity. 1028 rooms and suites on 37 floors give us also the status of largest and highest city-hotel of Berlin. With 8 variously combinable conference rooms about 630 sqm are available - professional and competent service and assistance included.

Name m2
Saal Döblin 174040100100160
Saal Döblin II174040100100160
Saal Döblin I + II350070240240320
Salon Ehrlich I43019243040
Salon Ehrlich II43019243040
Salon Ehrlich I + II87030506080
Salon Einstein I43019243040
Salon Einstein II43019243040
Salon Einstein I + II30030506080
Salon Virchow I43019243040
Salon Virchow II59019243040
Salon Virchow I + II102030506080
Salon Panorama I36012121018