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Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

For seminars, conferences or product presentations, hotel Ku' Damm 101 in Berlin offers a variety of different possibilities which make it the perfect location for your conference. There are four conference rooms on the 7th floor, from 23 to 130 square metres in size, and one function room (95 square metres) on the first floor to accomodate a maximum of 130 people. All conference areas have natural daylight and air-conditioning and can be set up and technically equipped to meet individual requirements. There are a further three conference suites on the first floor for up to twelve people. If required, adjoining hotel rooms can be reserved. The staff at Ku' Damm 101 have wide and varied experience in the planning and organisation of events – including some more out-of-the-ordinary ones: weddings, cocktail parties, private dinners....


The 4-star superior hotel Ku’ Damm 101lies right on the Kurfürstendamm, only two kilometres from Berlin’s fair & exhibition centre. Local and long distance transportation services, the motorway and Tegel airport are quick and easy to get to. Underground parking is available., It opened in 2003 and has been making an impression ever since, with its incisive design concept and young team. Ku’ Damm 101 has 170 spacious, standard, comfort and upper class rooms. Up to 38 m² in area, the rooms offer guests plenty of space with flexible furniture. Mobile TV consoles and desks can be repositioned and work areas made bigger or smaller as required. The bathrooms provide under-floor heating and the flooring in the rooms is made of natural rubber, an environmentally friendly material, which offers a good-looking alternative to customary hotel carpets. High quality, back-friendly mattresses ensure recuperative sleep, 64 air-conditioned rooms for comfort living even in hot weather. All areas of the Ku’ Damm 101 provide high-speed wireless LAN.

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