Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

The glass-roofed atrium with 240 sqm is perfect for greetings, presentations and exhibitions. Some of the conference rooms can be separated by mobile walls. From the conference Havel I, II and III, our guests can access the green courtyard. All our conference rooms have modern conference equipment and air-conditioning. A competent service team supports your event throughout the entire time.


The hotel, as an architectural masterpiece, impresses through it's exclusive furnishings and décor with noble ambience and guaranteed sound-proof windows and doors for a high quality sound sleep. Situated in a quiet area near the Tegel lake with easy access by U-Bahn ( underground), S-Bahn ( overhead railway), bus or Autobahn ( motorway). These advantageous public transport connections enable you to reach the capital cultural highlights comfortably in the shortest time ( 15 mins to Friedrichstrasse in the city centre).

Name m2
Spree II + III1603030656080
Havel I + II + III120024554080
Spree I + II1603030656080
Borsig III351010151625
Havel II + III802024403260
Havel I + II802024403260
Spree I + II + III2400306510090
Borsig III + IV702020303240
Spree III802024454060
Spree II801010202030
Havel III401012201630
Spree I802024454060
Borsig IV351010151625
Borsig I12003510070100
Havel I401012201630
Havel II401012201630