Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

We offer conference and meeting rooms for all your business activities – ranging from cozy lounges and modern conference rooms to historical rooms with a fireplace. All are equipped with comprehensive technique for up to 100 participants. Upon your request we arrange a supporting program - for example a memorable dinner in the castle, a trip to the Hersbrucker Schweiz or your reception in the open, a creative Workshop or a summer barbecue. We would be glad to confer with you on your conference or event to make it something to remember.


The DORMERO castle hotel Reichenschwand offers tradition, style, and room for every occasion. The estate of the castle hotel Reichenschwand lays tucked away in the marvelous countryside of the so-called Hersbrucker Schweiz with testimonies to a centuries-old history. Our luxurious hotel offers each guest every possible convenience and an unrivaled atmosphere. Regardless if you visit us as a conference guest, you are on your way through, or, you are spending your vacation at our hotel - the personnel of the castle hotel Reichenschwand promises a warm welcome.

Name m2
Hans-Sachs-Raum (Wehr 1)40202024040
Martin-Behaim-Raum (Wehr 2)3012100020
Peter-Henlein-Raum (Wehr 3)50201825045
Albrecht-Dürer-Raum (Wehr 1-3)12038407270100
Clubzimmer 11680000
Karl-Diehl-Saal (Saal 1)1103030555090
Max-Grundig-Saal (Saal 2)903030555090
Rudolf-Wöhrl-Saal (Saal 1+2)20000100100180
Clubzimmer 21680000
Rotes Büro39121210020