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Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

Only black brings out colors. Anything is possible in the DORMERO Hotel Berlin Ku’damm. Whether a business meeting, the launch of a new product, a fashion show or an exclusive party, there is virtually no type of event that cannot be organized in Berlins newly interpreted event rooms. No function room resembles the other, each one is in a different style, all of them have fancy names – or why should a function room named “Hörnchen” always be interpreted as the German word for croissant and not also have erotic undertones as in “little horn”! A boutique hotel in step with the newest trends. Therefore, the hotel’s location right next to Europe’s best known and most exclusive shopping mile is not a coincidence. Or simply: Stay fancy. For the more extravagant occasions, the restaurant DIE QUADRIGA, the lounge area and the bar SONDERBAR, combined with the function rooms, offer a whole range of options. Free WIFI even in the public and restaurant areas is always included as a standard at DORMERO


Original. Rich in contrast. Black. How can you resist a city that is 24/7 full of things worth seeing, flavors and sounds? In which everything is on the move, in which new things are constantly developed and others discovered. The DORMERO Hotel Berlin Ku’damm, located just a few meters from the famous boulevard “Kurfürstendamm”, is like the city itself – a balance between classical and modern design, trend and mainstream, globetrotter and fashionista. The boutique hotel is a fantastic blend of originality and contrast, tuned to the color black. Daring individualism in form and style, addressing the guest’s individual needs. The previously Bohemian architecture was shaped into an unconventional frame redefining the traditional concept of the hotel. A hotspot in Berlin with unique and constantly changing experiences worth not only seeing, but above all experiencing live. Free DORMERO standards, always included: DORMERO sleeping system, WIFI, minibar, cosmetics, 24/7 Room service without charge, Flatscreen TV, sky TV, Video on Demand, international TV channels and individual adjustable mood lights

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Bleu Croissant60020253035
Arena Gusano6000000
Rouge Strapsaraunt45016162025
Woodstock Lounge20800100

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