Description of the conference facilities and meeting rooms

For events with style and a fantastic 360° view Here, in the neighbourhood of the former Kunstpark Ost art scene area, it’s a known fact that this is the place for the most exciting events. From the rooftop terrace, guests can fully enjoy a sensational view of the sun as it sets behind the Alps. This alone will turn your special event into an experience that will be remembered for a long time to come. Whether you are planning a standing reception, exclusive dinner or a networking event – or simply drinking a toast with colleagues after a successful day.


New Work in the 'Werksviertel' district coming in 2019! In spring 2019, we will be opening our 5th Munich location in the new ATLAS office ensemble close to the Ostbahnhof station in the up-and-coming “Werksviertel” district. On a total of 9 floors and 8,400 sq m, we will be providing the movers and shakers of tomorrow with flexible offices and corporate co-working expanses for project teams, multi functional meeting spaces and conference areas with a 360° panorama. From the spectacular event expanses and two rooftop terraces the view will extend all the way to the Alps and the stylish DO Café will provide an inviting option for a lunch break or a place to network with others. The ATLAS high-rise marks the emergence of a distinctive, architecturally exciting highlight that is thematically oriented on Greek mythology, symbolized by the sphere on the roof of the office complex, and boasting a prominent location with excellent transportation access.

Name m2
Meet & Move Room 12_II3500000
Gesamtfläche 1360100000
Meet & Move Room 12_I3500000
Coworking Lobby28900000
Coworking Lounge23100000
Coworking Lounge 13_I7700000
Coworking Lounge 13_II6800000
Fireside Room2700000
Focus Room I800000
Focus Room II1000000
Meet & Move Room 12_III4600000
Meet & Move Room 6_I4800000
Tagesbüro I1300000
Tagesbüro II1300000
Training Room 13_I17400000
Training Room 13_II6900000
Training Room 13_III5900000
Training Room 13_IV4400000
Training Room 13_V4400000
Training Room 13_VI6800000
Work Lab 12_I6800000
Work Lab 12_I+II11400000
Work Lab 12_II4600000
Work Lab 12_III4600000
Work Lab 12_I-III16000000
Work Lab 12_II+III9300000